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Elements of Earth: Explore The Top 10 Essence of Our Planet

Elements of Earth refer to the fundamental substances that make up the planet’s composition. These elements include both abundant and trace elements, each contributing uniquely to Earth’s dynamic systems.

Comprehending the elements of Earth is essential for scientists, researchers, and the general population. It unveils the mysteries of geological processes, environmental interactions, and the delicate balance that sustains life on our planet.

Although the universe is mostly of gaseous elements, the Earth is mainly made of metals. Learn about the factors that occur naturally in the periodic table and compare the most abundant features of the universe to the planets, especially the Earth.

The 10 First Elements to Be Named After Real People.

1. Samarium* SmVasili Samarsky-ByKhovetsRussia (1803-70)1879
2. Gadolinium# GdJohan GadolinFinland (1760-18521880
3. Curium Cm Pierre and Marie Curie(France, 1859-1906: Poland, 1867-1934)1944
4. Einsteinium EsAlbert EinsteinGermany (1879-1955)1952
5. Fermium FmEnrico FermiItaly (1901-54)1953
6. Nobelium NoAlfred NobelSweden (1833-96)1958
7. Lawrencium LrErnest LawrenceUSA (1901-58)1961
8. Rutherfordium RfErnest RutherfordUK (1871-1937)1969
9. Seaborgium Sg Glenn T. SeaborgUSA (1912-99)1974
10. Bohrium BhNiels BohrDenmark (1885-62)1981
The 10 First Elements

Top 10 Lightest Elements

ElementsDiscovererCountryDiscovered YearDensity
1. LithiumJohan August ArfvedsonSweden18170.53
2. PotassiumSir Humphry DavyUK18070.86
3. SodiumSir Humphry DavyUK18070.97
4. Rubidiumrobert Wilhelm Bunsen/Gustav KirchoffGermany18611.53
5. CalciumSir Humphry DavyUK18081.55
6. MagnesiumSir Humphry DavyUK18081.74
7. PhosphorusHennig BrandtGermany16691.83
8. BerylliumFriedrich Wohler/ Antoine-Alexanre Brutus BussyGermany/France18281.84
9. CaesiumRobert Wilhelm BunsenGermany18601.90
10. SulphurJoseph Gay-Lussac and Louis ThenardFrance17772.07
Top 10 Lightest Elements

The 10 Most Common Elements in the Oceans

ElementsSymbolAmount(Tonnes per SQ Km)
1. OxygenO857,000,000
2. HydrogenH107,800,000
3. ChlorineCl19,870,000
4. SodiumNa11,050,000
5. MagnesiumMg1,326,000
6. SulphurS928,000
7. CalciumCa422,000
8. PotassiumK416,000
9. BromineBr67,300
10. CarbonC28,000
Most Common Elements in the Oceans

The 10 Most Common Elements in the Universe

ElementsSymbolParts Per Million
1. HydrogenH750,000
2. HeliumHe230,000
3. OxygenO10,000
4. CarbonC5,000
5. NeonNe1,300
6. IronFe1,100
7. NitrogenN1,000
8. SiliconSi700
9. MagnesiumMg600
10. SulphurS500
Most Common Elements in the Universe

Top 10 Heaviest Elements

ElementsDiscovererCountryDiscovered YearDensity
1. Osmium Smithson TennantUK180322.59
2. IridiumSmithson TennantUK180322.56
3. PlatinumAntonio de UlloaSpain173521.45
4. RheniumWalter Noddack, Ida Tacke, and Otto BergGermany192521.02
5. NeptuniumEdwin McMillan and Philip Abelson USA194020.45
6. PlutoniumGlenn Seaborg and colleaguesUSA194019.82
7. GoldJames W. MarshallUSA184819.29
8. TungstenJuan José and Fausto ElhuyarSpain178319.25
9. UraniumMartin Heinrich KlaprothGermany178919.05
10. TantalumAnders Gustaf EkebergSweden180216.67
Top 10 Heaviest Elements

The 10 Most Common Elements in the Earth’s Crust

ElementsSymbolParts Per Million
1. OxygenO461,000
2. SiliconSi282,000
3. AluminiumAl82,300
4. IronFe56,000
5. CalciumCa41,500
6. SodiumNa23,600
7. MagnesiumMg23,000
8. PotassiumK20,900
9. TitaniumTi5,650
10. HydrogenH1,400
Most Common Elements in the Earth’s Crust

In conclusion, the elements of Earth are the building blocks of our planet, shaping its structure and influencing natural processes. Understanding and appreciating these elements are essential for fostering sustainable practices and ensuring the well-being of our planet.

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